London Stroke Services

We were commissioned by a pharmaceutical company to provide a detailed analysis of the London Stroke Services to support their business development managers and market strategy. Our dedicated team produce a detailed report on time and budget.


“JDHC provided six months programme management support. The scope of the work was complex and scale significant, bringing together twelve primary care organisations into one single partnership. The challenges were far-ranging from legal and regulatory through to financial and personnel. In that time, JDHC helped us deliver the programme on time and to budget bringing a professional and timely work ethic. I would happily recommend JDHC for similar projects”

Chief Executive


“The integrated healthcare programme was a joint strategic programme for the whole health and care system led and funded by the Clinical Commissioning Groups with the County Council.

As the Programme Director, I had the privilege of working with JDHC on the integrated healthcare proactive programme for thirteen months. During this time, I have found JDHC team to be confident, knowledgeable and very diligent.

They were also very reliable, conscientious and honest in their dealings with me and other colleagues. Most of all, I found the JDHC team very supportive and very open to suggestions but at the same time putting their points forward with great conviction. I have really enjoyed working with JDHC

I worked on a couple of projects and the JDHC team have led them very effectively. As the project Leaders, they supported the integrated healthcare programme strategy effectively and implementing the changes that has contributed to the success of our delivery. Working across five commissioning organisations and four lead providers has not been an easy feat and continues to be challenging, but the JDHC team found the patience and the perseverance in them and all of us to focus on the outcomes of our efforts for the people in the surrounding health community.”

Programme Director Proactive Care